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Our Story

We were given the opportunity to work remotely. Rather than just work from our home, we decided that our home should travel with us. My wife’s job required “always on” communications. Solving this was our “Gateway” to living a life where we could live, and work from the road! We are both telecommunications engineers and after exhaustive research and testing, we put together a solution that works as well, if not better that our home network. Fellow RV’ers began asking us “How are you connecting here?” When they asked if we could help them with their Internet challenges, RV Mobile Connect was born.

Whether you’re in an RV Park that is in town or out of town, boondocking or just passing through, we believe that getting and staying connected is a critical need for us that live and work from our RVs.

To work remotely, we must stay connected. We had to come up with a reliable solution that gave us the best chance to work from the road. After extensive firsthand testing, we knew what didn’t work.

As with our fellow RV’ers, we looked at expensive cellular boosters and antennas. Problem solved? Not exactly. Boosters solve one problem, but at the same time they create another.

Next we used our smartphones as hot spots, buying hot spots and walking from window to window looking for the best signal, sometimes even taping them to the “good” window. We built upon that idea and bought an antenna for our hot spot and stuck them to the window with the best signal. Some worked better than others but once we moved to another location, the problem started all over again.

From our research, experimentation, and now our personal use, we have created four solutions to provide reliable mobile Internet service.

Become more productive with reliable Internet for those of us who live and work on the road. Learn more about our mobile connectivity solutions.