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RV Mobile Connect Products

At RV Mobile Connect, we guide you through the process of finding the best RV Internet products to allow you to stay connected.  Before a purchase is made, we want to understand your mobile Internet needs.

Working from the RV:

  • I’m moving from place to place often.
  • I need video conferencing.
  • I move large files to the cloud.
  • Reliable access to corporate applications, email, and chat is critical.
  • I need to connect multiple devices to Internet (PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.).
  • My connection must be secure.
Family communications from the RV:

  • Mobile Internet access must be easy and reliable.
  • I want Internet that I turn on and it works. No set up.
  • I stream video entertainment.
  • I access home school applications.
  • I need secure access to online banking.
  • Video conferencing with family members is a must.
  • I need to connect multiple devices (laptop, tablet, Firestick, Roku, AppleTV, Alexa, web cameras, etc.).
rv mobile connect recommends cradlepoint

Cellular Routers

Cellular routers are not unlike the WiFi routers we all had in our sticks & bricks homes. Cellular routers have the ADDED capability of using cellular data (besides xDSL or cable modems) to connect you to the Internet.

Performance and security are two of the critical pieces we needed to be assured of. There are several router brands to look at but as we are putting ALL of our personal data AND our work materials over this network, we were cautious and wanted to use the most secure router we could get.

In the search to find the best performing router – we asked ourselves “Who MUST be connected whenever possible’?”  We found CradlePoint had achieved all of the certifications needed to be used by law enforcement and the military. 

Cradlepoint built its reputation on keeping folks connected with its’ “ruggedized” family of routers. Cradlepoint is a U.S. based company headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

rv mobile connect antennas

Mobile Cellular Antennas

Finding the best of the best antennas was time consuming.

I talked to several engineers about who they use for their most demanding environments. Antennas are not a “One Size Fits All”

We believe that any antenna used by our clients should stand out, especially in a few key areas. Built to provide the best signal-catching capabilities, offer flexibility in use cases, and perhaps most importantly, a rugged build.

Antennas not built for rugged environments will literally rattle apart on the inside.

We are continuously evaluating mobile antennas. We have a wide range of roof mount, pole mount and other solutions available to suit your mobile needs.


rv mobile connect recommends netcloud

Network & Security

At RV Mobile Conmect, we start with understanding your network system first. The need to have a properly installed connectivity solutions is key to enjoying RV travel and remaining productive in the mobile workspace. We assist in creating a communications solution to meet you needs. Once a system is ordered we continue with one hour of included network engineer time to assist you or to set up your system.

We don’t stop at the equipment installation. As mobile professionals, we chose the RV life to mix the freedom of the road yet requiring a reliable Internet network while traveling. Enter the Wireless Edge Solutions with Cloud Control.

NetCloud Service, delivered through purpose-built 4G LTE and 5G wireless edge routers, is a complete software platform that enables your transition to a Wireless WAN. It’s delivered in an all-in-one subscription that aligns with your business needs.

See our best in class mobile Internet communications packages.