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RV Mobile Connect Solutions

Finding the best Internet solution to work successfully on the road can be a daunting task. Selecting the various components can be time consuming and the wrong purchase can be expensive and may not provide the best communications for your specific needs.

Not all cellular routers are the same.  After exhaustive research and testing, we have created RV mobile packages that are both cost effective and most important, will stand up to the demands of working on the road.

Before making your mobile Internet equipment and service purchase, contact us to discuss why RV Mobile Connect and Cradlepoint is superior to other solutions.  

rv mobile connect - stay connected
Stay Connected Package – $999

Designed for those that need to stay connected while they’re on the road. Email, internet banking & keeping up with family are essential parts of every RVer’s day-to-day life. The Stay Connected Package includes the Cradlepoint IBR600c with the Parsec Doberman PRO 5:1 antenna. Along with setup assistance, we’ve included 3 years of NetCloud AND technical support.

150Mb Modem 4G LTE Cellular 2.4Ghz WiFi 2 X LTE MiMo
rv mobile connect - power package
Power Package – $1,759

The Power Package is for those who own their own business or are working for a corporation that require availability and bandwidth. After work enjoy a favorite YouTube channel or stream TV and movies. This package includes Cradlepoint’s best-selling router, the IBR900 with CAT 11 modem, and Parsec’s Doberman PRO 5:1 antenna. Along with setup assistance, we’ve included 3 years of NetCloud AND technical support.

1.2Gb Modem 4G LTE Cellular 2.4 & 5Ghz WiFi 4 X LTE MiMo
RV Mobile connect 5g package
5G Package – $2,949
Cradlepoint’s R1900 cellular router features the latest 5G technology providing industry-leading, 5G and Gigabit-Class LTE connectivity as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The R1900 delivers full 5G performance & enterprise-level security. Adding the Husky PRO 8:1 5G rated antenna with bluetooth tops off this best in class mobile communications package. This package includes setup assistance with 3 years of NetCloud AND technical support.
4Gb 5G Modem 4 & 5G LTE Cellular 2.4 & 5Ghz WiFi 6 4 X LTE MiMo
routers only
Routers Only
We offer three powerful cellular routers for those needing more portability without the installation of an external antenna.  Choose the Cradlepoint:

  • E100 – Small office, work from anywhere router. The E100 router provides everything needed to connect the remote worker to their corporate applications and services they need most from virtually any location. NetCloud Service for Small Branch with the E100 Series Enterprise Router enables mission-critical employees to work from home or outside the office with the same services, security, and ease of managment as in office environments.
    Firewall Throughput: 850 Mbps
    WAN Connectivity: Cat 7, GbE
    LAN Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5, GbE
    Dual Cellular Modem
    Battery Back-Up option.
    The E100 comes with a 3 Year NetCloud subscription (for SOHO).
  • The Cradlepoint IBR600C Series is semi-ruggedized, cloud-managed LTE router. The IBR600C provides industry-leading LTE connectivity as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
    Dual Cellular Modem
    4G LTE 150Mb
    Built in Wi-Fi 5
    12V DC or 120V AC powered.
  • The IBR900 is equipped with a Gigabit-Class LTE modem, Gigabit Wi-Fi, and advanced security features. The IBR900 delivers enterprise networking capabilities for mobile applications that require secure, always-on connectivity.
    Dual Cellular Modem
    4G LTE 300Mb
    Built-in Wi-fi 5
    12V DC or 120V AC powered.

The IBC600C and IBR900 come with paddle and WiFi antennas, and AC power adaptor. A 12VDC cable is sold separately.

IBR 600C – $619.99
E100 – $759.99
IBR 900 – $1,238.00


Standard Packages Include:

      • A Cradlepoint Best-in-Class ruggedized Router
      • Parsec’s ruggedized antenna(s)
      • DC power cable for wiring into your rig (Stay Connected and Power Package also come with AC adapter)
      • GPS
      • Portable antennas are standard with Stay Connected and Power Package
      • Paddle and Dipoles SOLD separately for the Professional Package.
      • AC Adapters and numerous antenna options (auto, wall mount, window) are also available for other packages
      • 3 years NetCloud & StepCG “real human” support services
      • 1 Hour of Engineer Setup Assistance- Done right the First Time
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty

5G Package Includes:

      • Cradlepoint ruggedized R1900 5G Cellular Router
      • 4Gb modem
      • 4x LTE and 2x WiFi radios (2.4 and 5 Ghz)
      • Bluetooth (BLE)
      • GPS/GNSS with Dead Reckoning
      • 2 SIM slots
        • We can offer a dual modem variant in 2022
      • Paddle and Dipoles SOLD Separately
      • Power Cords
        • DC (12VDC) direct power included
        • AC (120VAC) Order separately (take your router with you!)
      • 3 years NetCloud & StepCG “real human” support services
      • 1 Hour of Engineer Setup Assistance – Done right the First Time
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty

NetCloud Service Includes:

    • The industry’s best Cloud-based management system. NetCloud Service monitors, manages, updates & controls your system from anywhere!
    • 7 x 24 Customer Support (US Based) & Lifetime Limited warranty
    • On-Demand Training & Certification INCLUDED! (for us nerds!)
    • Knowledge Base access
    • Firmware and OS upgrades (automatic unless you choose otherwise)
    • Dashboard for modem data usage and predictive alerts
    • Zone-based firewall and VPN
    • Real-time troubleshooting tools and diagnostics and more!
    • NetCloud is renewable after term expires. Renewal isn’t mandatory – router goes into static config after expiration
rv mobile solutions include

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