Portable Internet for RV Travel

Apr 5, 2024

Greetings! Welcome to our Internet Newsletter series where we will share our 4+ years of using cellular Internet equipment and services while living and working on the road.

Cindy and I are network & telecom engineers with over 60 years of experience. We’d love to share our learned experience with you.
We’ve all experienced a lot of changes in the past few years. Changes in where and how we work, remote learning, job mobility, etc. Another unfortunate change is how the cost of everything seems to be going up.

Portable Internet?

Folks that use their phones as Hotspots have learned that “Unlimited” data really isn’t that unlimited. I jokingly compare it to a garden hose with “unlimited” water. The first 10 gallons come out full blast, like a fire hose but then it turns into a trickle and finally a slow drip. Calling to complain we’re told “it’s still coming out, right?”. It’ll keep dripping until your next billing cycle then, 10 gallons and again, drip, drip, drip.

Finding the right solution can be tough, finding the right solution at a reasonable price is darn near impossible. I’d like to share some good news!

Cellular Internet for RV Travels Works!

Cellular technology has seen exponential improvement in both coverage and speeds over the last few years. 5G is now everywhere in cities & suburbs and is starting to spread to more rural locations. When we moved to a new RV park, speed tests helped us determine what we could expect. If we could get 8-15 Mbs down and 3-5 Mbs up, we would be good to go. In the last 12-18 months, we routinely get 25-100Mbs down and 5-8Mbs uplink speeds. It’s not uncommon for us to get 100-150Mbs download speeds, phenomenal! And it’s only getting better.

Cellular equipment, especially 5G (with 4G) capable equipment is becoming more readily available. The range of equipment stretches from high-end commercial to basic consumer hotspots. We’ve identified some devices that, when combined with a good quality service plan, provide great value. Quality service plans can be hard to find- getting a guaranteed amount of bandwidth every month is key. We typically used between 250-600Gb every month but remember, that was working, streaming on 2-3 large HDTVs (yes, screen size and picture quality make a huge difference) and playing on social media with phones, tablets and PCs. We found most couples use 200-300Gb every month.

Internet Anywhere

What do I mean by portable internet? These small cellular routers go everywhere with us- our RV, home, car, hotels, visiting friends & family, etc. I mean everywhere! They provide our Internet and we connect to them through WiFi & ethernet ports. Before we cut the cord on our home internet provider, we paid for wired internet whether we used it or not. It was fast (sometimes) and then slow (at bad times) but was always unreliable and expensive. Once we learned that our cell phones were not the answer for connecting all of our digital devices, we cut the cord and started taking the Internet, OUR Internet with us, anywhere. “Internet Anywhere”…, one can dream…

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Looking for a mobile Internet solution?

Freedom X3


All 3 US Carriers Built-in
Nationwide LTE

Great for travelers, take on the road or use at home. Stream while using other devices. Auto selects best carrier. Can be paused when not in use.

$199 – Start Up
300Gb – $99 mo
Unlimited*– $129 Mo
14-day money back trial


Cord Cutter


Choose a Carrier
Nationwide 4/5G

Perfect for “Cutting the Cord”! Work, Stream or just Surf.
Choose which carrier you prefer.

$199 – Start Up
T-MO: 1Tb $119 mo.
Verizon: 1Tb- $119 mo.
ATT: 300Gb $139 mo.
14-day money back trial


big blue plan


Use your own ATT compatible device.

Speed- up to 50Mbps
300Gb Monthly
No contract

$39 –  sign up
$139 –  monthly


Deep Red Plan


Use your own Verizon compatible device.

VZ 5G plan
Speed- 5G
1Tb Monthly
No contract
$39 sign up
$139 monthly

VZ 4G plan
Speed- 25Mb
300Gb Monthly
No Contract
$39 sign up
$119 monthly


Fast Pink Plan


Use your own T-Mobile compatible device.

$39 sign up
$119 monthly

Speed- 5G
300 Gb Monthly
No contract