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Dec 6, 2021

We’re Bryan and Cindy Marklin and we would like to welcome you to RV Mobile Connect. We are avid RV travelers touring the country in our Volvo heavy hauler and DRV 5th wheel. As fulltime RVers who work on the road, our nomadic lifestyle requires both high-bandwidth and high-quality Internet. We are both telecommunications engineers and after extensive research and testing, we have created a range of mobile Internet solutions designed specifically for the RV traveler.

To help the RV community, we will be creating blogs to guide in the purchase and use of the various mobile Internet products and services to use for work and family needs.

As an introduction, click on the IBR 600C, part of our Stay Connected Package. While our least expensive package, it is not limited in features needed for work and the RVer’s day-to-day life.

We hope you will visit our Packages, Products and Partners pages to learn more about the options and services offered by RV Mobile Connect.

If you need additional information or want to start your purchase of a RV Mobile Connect Package, click to Contact Button below.

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